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An Overview: Paper Document Accessories

So you're tired of having papers scattered around your desk and of the neck pain that comes from straining to read them. You're in luck - copy holders are made for you. They help keep your documents positioned properly while you're working from them, helping you avoid pain and save space on your desk. Some rest on your desk, while others attach to your monitor; some hold a single sheet of paper, while others can hold entire books. Read on to find out which one is best for you.

Size and Strength


First, decide how much space is available on your desk. Copyholders can save desk space, but they still take up room. If you have enough space, purchase a model that's large enough to hold two papers side-by-side. Since these hold twice as much material, they require you to change documents only half as frequently. Even better, they're sturdier when you place larger objects (such as books) on them. For people with less desk space, there are smaller, single-sheet copyholders. For people who need all the desk space they can get, there are document holders that attach to your monitor. These screen-mounted document holders keep your documents in the same vertical plane, though they're limited to single sheets of paper or lightweight documents.

Many people buy a document holder thinking that they'll only use it to hold one or two sheets of paper, then end up using it to hold entire books, binders, or other large texts from which they work. Those who purchase one often find themselves using it frequently, so you may want to purchase a slightly sturdier model than you think you currently need. Most likely, you'll be using it with larger objects than you ever pictured. Make sure that the base is properly weighted to support heavy objects. Some lesser models may not be as sturdy, tending to tip over as you increase their load.

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Look for a copyholder that's height-adjustable. This allows you to raise or lower your documents for a more comfortable viewing position. Another nice feature is the ability to adjust your viewing angle. Entry-level copyholders tend to have a fixed tilt (slightly backward), while more expensive models allow you to adjust the tilt. An adjustable viewing angle lets you reposition the documents to avoid glare; as the light changes during the day, you're always able to readjust your viewing angle.

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