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You can reduce computer monitor glare with a good quality anti-glare filter. Anti-glare filters come in two frame designs - flat or wrap-around. Which frame you choose depends on your monitor style and personal preference. For a proper fit, measure the viewing area diagonal of your monitor before you buy - this is how you determine the correct size. Make sure that you clean your computer screen with a recommended cleaner or wipe before installing your filter.


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Look for an anti-glare filter that has the following features:

Optical glass. High quality optical glass is preferable to plastic or micromesh.

Anti-reflective coatings. Good glass filters have multi-layer anti-reflective coatings on one or both sides of the glass. Look for filters that offer up to 95% or 99% glare reduction.

Transmission. There are a variety of light transmissions available in anti-glare filters, from about 30% transmission to 65% or higher. The amount of ambient light glare in your work area helps to determine which level of transmission is best for you - the greater the glare, the lower the transmission you may need to reduce glare on the monitor.

Anti-static. Draining excess static electricity from the computer screen is important to help minimize the accumulation of dust on the computer screen that can reduce character legibility. Look for an anti-glare filter with anti-static features and make sure you properly ground the cord to an earth source ground.

Easy-to-clean-coating. Anti-reflection coatings show fingerprints and they can be difficult to remove. Look for anti-glare filters that have an easy-to-clean feature requiring only water and a soft cloth to clean your filter.

AOA Seal of Acceptance and ISO 9241-7 Compliance. This assures you that you are purchasing a filter that has been tested to the highest standards for glare reduction.

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Polarizing anti-glare filters provide the highest level of contrast improvement and glare reduction. By virtually trapping the offending glare from reflecting into your eyes, even the harshest glare can be reduced to levels to prevent eyestrain. Look for a polarizing anti-glare filter that has received the TUV Q-Mark for quality to assure you are getting the highest quality product.

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Another type of computer monitor filter is called a "privacy anti-glare filter," which reduces glare while blocking the monitor's image on the sides to protect confidential screen information from prying eyes. Look for the above features when purchasing a privacy anti-glare filter as well.

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Anti-glare filters are also available for notebook computers with flat-panel (LCDs) displays. You want to consider the same recommendations listed above when purchasing a filter for these types of displays.

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