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An Overview: Desks and Accessories

The height and layout of your work surface play important roles in influencing your work posture and efficiency. A good ergonomic desk arrangement is one that will allow you to work most effectively in a good posture. Here are some factors to consider when deciding which desk is right for you:





When looking at desks, the first thing to ask is whether it is large enough to accommodate everything you want to put on or under it. The goal is for the desk to have capacity for everything you need to reach without forcing awkward postures. Of course, the size of the desk may also depend on the space that you have available for putting a desk in your home office. If you are going to be placing a computer on your desk, consider a desk with cable management features.

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If you already own a chair that you will be using with your new desk, take measurements before heading to the store. You'll want to be sure that there is adequate clearance under the desk to allow for your legs to rest unobstructed beneath it. Also, if your chair has armrests, make sure the desk can accommodate them when you pull up to the desk. A center drawer may reduce your legroom or force you to sit farther from the desk than you'd like.

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Make sure the desktop is a comfortable height for whatever tasks you will be performing. Remember, the comfortable heights for writing, mousing and typing aren't the same. Comfortable height ranges for average-sized adults are:

Writing: 28-30 inches

Mousing: 27-29 inches

Typing: 26-28 inches

Look for a desk that has a pullout, height adjustable keyboard tray and mouse platform.

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Choose a desk that has a stable desktop. The desk should not wobble or bounce when you use it.

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