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Phone Buyer's Guide

Did you know that a common cause of neck pain is cradling the phone between your head and shoulder? Speakerphones and headsets can help - and that's just the beginning. From invisible ear buds to noise-cancelling headsets, read on for an overview of products and accessories available for your phone.

Headsets facilitate hands-free phone use, while protecting the privacy of the conversation. A headset has an earpiece for listening with one or both ears, and an attached microphone for speaking. Additional features of headsets may include ear buds that discretely fit inside the ear, cordless units that allow increased mobility, noise-cancelling microphones that cancel out background noise, and amplifiers to increase the audible signal.

Speakerphones facilitate hands-free phone use, though there is little a user can do to maintain call privacy.

Neck Rest
Neck rests are large pieces of plastic or cushioned material that attach to the back of a receiver, minimizing the strain involved with wedging the receiver between the shoulder, neck and ear.

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