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Lighting Buyer's Guide

Still working in the dark? Even with overhead lights, you might not have adequate lighting for your work. Thankfully, task lights - and other lighting accessories - were made for you. Read on to learn about the different options you have for lighting your workspace. To learn more, feel free to browse the related links at right.



Task Lighting
Task lighting is directional lighting (such as desk lamps) generally used to illuminate a specific item, like documents or your work area.

Free-standing task lights can be moved anyplace on a worksurface. Free-standing lamps have either symmetrical lenses (light flows equally in all directions) or asymmetrical lenses (more light in one direction than the other). Asymmetrical lighting is more commonly used for computer work because it can be positioned to shine light on a document but not on the computer screen.

Ambient Lighting
Ambient lighting, including overhead lighting or free-standing tall lamps, provides lighting to the general area. There are two types - direct and indirect. Direct lighting shines light down from the light fixtures. Indirect lighting shines light upwards from below the ceiling, bouncing light back (indirectly) onto the work surface. Indirect/direct fixtures are a combination of the two above.

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Blinds or Shutters
Blinds or Shutters attach to windows to control the amount of natural light entering the room.

Glare Filters
Glare screens, or anti-glare filters, are attached directly to the monitor and serve to reduce the glare caused by light. They vary by their transmission (how light or dark they are), how they filter the light (e.g. circular polarizing vs. convention quarter wavelength transmission reduction), and their material (either glass or plastic).

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