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Document Holders Buyer's Guide

Working from documents can be a pain in the neck - literally. Accessories like copyholders can free up desk space and help position your documents ergonomically, so that you work more comfortably. Some can support a dictionary, while others require no desk space at all because they attach to your monitor. Read on for an overview of the different options.

Screen-Mounted Document Holders
These devices attach to the side of your computer monitor, and suspend your paper documents in the same vertical plane. This kind of holder is good for single sheets of paper or lightweight documents.

Freestanding Document Holders
These devices rest on your desk, and position vertically the documents or books from which you work. A number of different designs are available, though most have a sloping surface that angles the document in the same plane as your computer screen. You can adjust the angle and/or height on certain models to better position your documents for reading or transcribing. Some are designed for lightweight documents (a single sheet of paper), while others can support large books.

In-line Document Holders
These document holders are very useful if you work with oversized documents, such as legal paper or wide-format computer printouts. They allow you to place documents between the keyboard and computer screen at an angle that follows your field of vision (which naturally curves down). In-line document holders help eliminate side-to-side head movements by letting you look easily from the screen to document and vice versa.

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