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Chair Buyer's Guide

Looking to sit back, put up your feet, and browse the web? You'll need to find the right chair - and probably the right footrest. A good chair may be the most important part of your workstation, so manufacturers produce a variety of different types. Browse our overview to learn about the different versions (from fixed to adjustable), and find out about neat accessories like footrests and lumbar supports.

Chair Types


Adjustable Chair
Adjustable chairs are the chairs most commonly labeled "ergonomic." The most expensive of these chairs have seven or more adjustable parts (including height, tilt lumbar support, and arm rests), allowing the user to completely customize the fit.

Fixed Chair
Fixed chairs are chairs that do not allow the user to adjust the individual components of the chair. The angles, height, and depth are preset in a fixed position.

Integrated Workstations
Integrated work systems offer a single piece of furniture in which the chair, keyboard tray and monitor support are all part of the same unit.

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Foot Rest
Footrests provide users with a platform upon which to place their feet while sitting at a workstation. This provides support and helps the user maintain correct sitting posture and avoid fatigue. Many footrests are height - and angle-adjustable.

Cushion or Roll
Cushions and rolls generally strap to the back support or seat pan of a chair to provide additional targeted support or help with posture.

Chair Mat
Chair mats provide a plastic surface for a chair with rollers or casters to glide upon. Mats are available for low, medium and high pile carpet.

Cushioned Arm Pad
Cushioned or gel arm pads attach to the armrests of a chair to provide additional or softer support to the user's arms.

Extension Arm
Extension arms attach directly to the armrest of a chair to provide a work surface for a laptop, keyboard or mouse.

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