A laptop and a hotel room is many people's modern-day office, and even students are getting into the fray with school-sponsored notebooks. But while convenient and powerful, they're also a potential danger for people who don't take the time to learn good usage habits. Smaller keyboards can mean sore fingers, and monitors that won't move independently from the keyboard mean that you're often forced to choose between an aching neck or aching wrists. Add cell phones and PDAs to the mix, and it's a repetitive stress injury just waiting to happen. But with just a few precautions, you can help limit your risk and learn the principles of ergonomic computing. Welcome to HealthyComputing.com's™ Mobile Ergonomics Site!


Notebook computers were originally designed as a temporary solution - a short-term replacement for the traveler's desktop computer. But as they improved, laptops became many people's primary...

Cell Phones

People are often surprised to learn that their shoulder and neck pain might be related to their phone use. But if you're like most cell users, you probably occasionally cradle the telephone between your head and...


PDAs like Palm Pilots and BlackBerrys are great inventions - they let us be more productive while away from our computers. Many travelers use them instead of address books, laptops, or notepads, and with good reason...

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