You wouldn't think that using your computer or carrying a backpack would be dangerous. But thousands of kids are injured each year by backpacks that are too heavy or Repetitive Stress Injuries (like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) that come from poor posture and typing habits. The good news is that these injuries are easy to avoid - if you have the right information.

We've gathered the world's foremost independent experts in Medicine, Ergonomics, and Physical Therapy to provide information on four common areas of injuries - computer use, backpacks, gaming devices, and mobile devices. Choose any area, and you'll find tips and tricks to avoid injuries and choose the right products.


Kids have special needs when it comes to computers, from a smaller mouse for smaller hands to footrests that support the dangling feet of children in adult-sized chairs...


Most of us remember carrying backpacks in school; we're also pretty familiar with the aching backs and sore necks they can cause...


Gaming can be a blast, but long hours in front of the TV and repetitive motions (like hitting the "fire" button) can be dangerous and lead to injury...

Mobile Devices

People are often surprised to learn that their shoulder and neck pain might be related to their phone use. But if you're like most cell users, you probably occasionally cradle the telephone...

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