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You're cradling the telephone between your head and your shoulder.
This position can lead to neck and shoulder pain. Make sure that your head is straight and your shoulders are relaxed while using the phone. You may also want to consider a hands-free headset. See Phone Setup and Usage. or Phone Overview and Accessories.

The documents you're working from are too low (or too far to the side).
Turning or tilting your head to read from documents and then transcribe them causes strain on your neck. Make sure that documents you're working from are positioned at the same level as - and right next to - your monitor. You may also want to consider a copy holder. See Paper Documents Setup and Usage. or Paper Documents Overview and Accessories.

Your monitor's not at the right height, or is too far to the side
If your monitor's not directly in front of you and in line with your keyboard or chair, the twisting or tilting motion you're using to view it can cause discomfort. See Monitor Setup and Usage.

Your chair is too far away from your keyboard (or the back of the chair is tilted too far back).
These positions can cause you to outstretch your arms, forcing your neck and shoulders to do extra work supporting them - and lead to neck and shoulder pain. See Chair Setup and Usage or Keyboard Setup and Usage.

You wear bifocals, and are tilting your head too far back.
People who wear bifocals will often tilt their head slightly back to see the monitor. This can lead to neck pain and headaches. If you wear bifocals, you may want to position your monitor just slightly below eye level. Make sure to sit back in your chair (and avoid hunching over the computer), as this will help you better see your monitor. See Monitor Setup and Usage.

You're leaning forward to view the screen.
People who wear glasses often sit in awkward postures or lean forward to see properly, resulting in neck and back pain. Even those with naturally perfect vision sometimes adopt this position out of habit. Always ensure that you're using proper posture.

The following medical conditions include neck pain as one of their symptoms:

Trapezius Myalgia

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