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Your CPU is placed under your desk, forcing your legs into an uncomfortable position.
Placing your CPU under the desk where your legs normally go leaves less room for your legs. This can lead to cramped space and pain in your legs if you're not able to move them freely - or if you have to adjust your sitting position around the CPU. You may want to consider a CPU holder. See Desk Overview and Accessories or Desk Setup and Usage.

The padding on your seat pad is too firm.
Make sure that your seat is slightly padded. You may also want to consider a seat cushion to help. The angle between your chair back and seat pan is too tight. Adjusting the backrest backwards slightly or the seat pan downward may help. To properly adjust your chair, see Chair Setup and Usage.

You've been sitting too long without a break.
Your legs need occasional movement to keep blood flowing and your muscles stretched out. Even getting up for a drink of water can help restore circulation and make you feel better. See Stretches and Exercises.

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