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Other Name(s)
Flexor tenosynovitis, DeQuervain's disease, extensor tendonitis

What is Wrist Tendonitis?
Wrist tendonitis is an irritation of one of the tendons where it crosses the wrist, which causes pain.

Areas of Body Directly Affected:

Ache or pain at the wrist, which is worsened with forceful gripping, rapid wrist movements, or moving the wrist and fingers to an extreme position. Tendons cross the wrist from the forearm to the hand on all sides of the wrist. The most common sites of the wrist for problems are at the base of the thumb (DeQuervain's tenosynovitis), on the back of the wrist, and on the palm side of the wrist.

May include a brief period of use of anti-inflammatory agents, such as Motrin or ibuprofen. Reducing forceful gripping can also help. At the end of a workday or after a flare, ice applied for 15 minutes can reduce swelling and pain. Wrist splints may help the tendons to heal by reducing the tendon motion and load. Physical therapy can help with instructions on proper ways to use the hands, methods of applying ice, methods for performing gentle stretching exercises, and the fitting and use of a splint. Injections with steriod medication are useful. If symptoms are very severe and unresponsive to all of these measures, after they have been tried for many months, surgery may be successful for some types of tendonitis.

Modifying Computer Work
Work with the hand in a more neutral position (limit bending of the wrist), reduce pinch force on the mouse or keyboard, reduce repeated clicking by using keyboard shortcuts a keyboard switch or a foot switch, eliminate the drag maneuver on the mouse, change pointing device (try a trackball or touch pad), and change to a split keyboard.

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