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What is Ulnar Neuropathy at the Elbow?
The nerve at the elbow is pinched.

Areas of Body Directly Affected:

Numbness and pain in the small finger and side of the wrist. It may extend up the side of the forearm. Can be accompanied by pain at the elbow. The numbness may worsen when the elbow is fully bent.

Use of an elbow splint at night will keep the elbow from being bent during sleep. A pad around the elbow during the day will protect the nerve from trauma. Splint and elbow pads are usually custom made by a hand or physical therapist. If severe, the nerve compression can be relieved by surgery.

Modifying Computer Work
Work and home activities should be modified to prevent long periods of working with a bent elbow. Gripping a telephone in the hand for a long time should be avoided by using a speakerphone or a hands free unit with a mobile phone. When seated, avoid contact pressure on the elbow from the arm supports.

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