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What is Presbyopia?
Presbyopia is the loss of the ability to comfortably see up close. As we get older, the eye's lens becomes stiffer and the maximum focusing ability of the eye to become rounded (as it must for near work) diminishes.

Areas of Body Directly Affected:

The inability to comfortably see less than 16 inches away as you get older.

One way to compensate for this deficiency in the near vision is to get prescription glasses. If you already have glasses to see far away, then you'll need to use bifocals. These are eyeglass lenses where the top lens is for distance vision and the lower lens for near work. (Don't worry, there's now a technology that makes this bifocal line invisible). It's not a good idea to use the reading glasses you can buy without a prescription in stores; they're likely to not be the exact prescription you need, and the lenses are of poor optical quality.

You may be able to postpone or slow down the hardening of the lens with good nutrition, aerobic exercise and generally healthful living. It is also a good idea for patients who are reaching the "bifocal age" to start doing a simple exercise several times a day of focusing from near to far (at least twenty feet away) and back to near again. In addition, proper intake of vitamins are always recommended.

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