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HealthyComputing.com™ was founded in 1998 to address the problem of computer-related injuries. Developed as a free resource for office ergonomics and safety information, it has since attracted many of the premier ergonomists, physicians, researchers, and injury prevention experts from around the country. Today it is an authoritative and respected source for office ergonomics, serving hundreds of thousands of visitors yearly through our own site and through partnerships with companies like BestBuy.

HealthyComputing.com™ provides unbiased and vendor-neutral ergonomic information based on over 100 years of collective experience, and stays up to date using the most current research from our contributors' labs at Cornell, UC Berkeley, and the UCSF School of Medicine (visit our contributors page).

The company enjoys broad exposure in the media both nationally and internationally. As a trusted source on ergonomics, we've been seen on ABC News, MSN, The Washington Post, and Good Health Magazine (for more information, visit the news or media pages.) A privately-held corporation, our offices are based in San Diego, California.

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